My name is Kayla and I am currently finishing my third year of Industrial Design at Carleton University. I was born in Calgary, AB and now reside in Ottawa, ON and area. My passion is to help people through means of creative systems or sustainable products. Design has introduced me to the innovative ways that help to make positive changes in communities possible. I am very excited for the opportunity to learn about design in a constructive setting and to find new ways of which I can help the community.


I believe that through means of meaningful and universal design solutions, we are able to make a difference in the world in a positive and impactful way. My focus going forward is to find creative solutions that will benefit communities now and in the future.


I am currently seeking an internship and am available to work May 2018 until the end of August 2018 when I will return to school to finish my degree.


Contact me at: Kayla_Daigle@hotmail.com